lunes, 30 de julio de 2012

El nómada

"... Marker works on the remaking of canonical images, reconfigures them by adding layers, reshaping their surfaces, working on their decay, to come to terms with the creation of a history that is not monumentalizing, that proposes simultaneity instead of teleology. In this sense, he is constructing his own Atlas, one that can be inscribed in a tradition common to Warburg and Richter. What is common to all the three is the fact that neither collage, nor photomontage, nor compositing suffices to describe them: they are bringing into question issues of movement and spatialization, of materiality and its relation to memory, of the boundaries of a place and the creation of a space for wandering (or, in Markerʼs case, the critique of its absence) [...] This kind of ethics/aesthetics, this questioning of a cartography lived by nomads that circulates within the virtual space, could not come but from the nomadic cineaste par excellence. Marker has always been concerned with a path through images, countries, stories, one that also corresponds to a path between media, between different ways of traveling. He has traveled the world with his camera, and has incorporated that same language of nomadism into his works. His embrace of the new does not jettison the old; on the other hand, it adds new and other layers to it. From 1953 onwards, Marker has been traveling and collecting geography of memories. As a bricoleur, as Marker calls himself, he is someone that navigates through locations and media and shapes forms and memories in a common space and time, that he wants the spectator to appropriate in the same movement."

Joana Pimenta: A Path through the Virtual Museum. On Chris Marker Ouvroir and Pictures at an Exhibition (.pdf)


Merece la pena esta "pequeña gran retrospectiva" de la obra de Marker, a cargo de Rafa Martín.

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