viernes, 15 de julio de 2011

Jörg Piringer

Taken as a whole, piringer’s work takes the basic premises of the concrete poem (an example by Eugen Gomringer to the right) into the nth-dimension, which is to say far from the page and into any media available today and to come. He has realized more than anyone the potential for poetry, once free of the basic print/publish dynamic, to occupy any number of channels of communication, especially as they’ve proliferated since the mid-20th century. Eugen Gomringer’s term for what he believed concrete or visual poetry should be was “constellation,” a playful object which would give the poem an “organic function in society again.” While concrete poetry itself, when confined to the page, sometimes seemed rather mute and trivial compared to, say, the grand structures of Paradise Lost or “The Waste Land,” piringer’s work has acquired a scope that earlier concretists could only envy.
Third Hand Plays: “Repeat After Me” by joerg piringer, en OpenSpace.

Más sobre Piringer, aquí.

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